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About Us

This website was put together by a fellowship of relatives and friends affected by the actions of Gottawanna’s, and Dog On The Roof... 

We believe that Gottawanna’s and Dog On The Roof are Groups that have a illness that has harmed ours, and many others lives. 

That with a change in attitudes, and a stronger connection to a Higher Power, they can change, which can aid in their recovery. And there for, our recovery.

Our purpose is to welcome and give comfort to the families and friends of those harmed by the Gottawanna’s and Dog On the Roof.

By giving encouragement, knowledge and an understanding of the illness and how it has affected the lives of many.


To present a warning to those who may be wondering about these groups. And for those who wonder what maybe happening to a Loved one, or friend, who enters these Groups.  

We that have lived with this illness understand it as perhaps few others can. 

We to, were lonely and frustrated. 

But we have Hope, no situation is really hopeless.

With the guidance of our Higher Power, it is possible for us to find contentment and even happiness.

We pray to be an instrument of our Higher Powers and create change in those who are blinded by the Cult. So they may also see their Higher Powers shining light of good will, kindness, and Love, towards all.


So we try, little by little, one day at a time, with the loving and positive attitudes that our Higher Power would want, to do God’s Will.

We wish to provide a safe, loving and open forum for those seeking knowledge of these Cults.

And with the knowledge of the "Harm" done by the Cults, affect the "Courage to Change".


Because some members do see the Light, and have escaped the Dark Side of these Groups. 

They seek the forgiveness, and Love, from their Higher Power.  

Have the desire to make Amends to those they have harmed.

And again enjoy the Serenity and Spiritually that their Higher Power would want for them...

Delisting Groups Letter.

Final Task Force Presentation.

Final Q&A Resolving Concerns.